Member Services & Benefits

As a service to member institutions, Florida Campus Compact:
  • Cultivates supportive academic environments that encourage links between campuses and communities;
  • Provides the opportunity for funding to member campuses to promote curriculum development, program development and fellowships for faculty, students and community partners;
  • Promotes public policy that supports volunteerism, community service, and service-learning;
  • Convenes conferences and workshops to support interaction among presidents, administrators, faculty, program directors, students, and community partners;
  • Disseminates timely and vital information in the form of bulletins, internet resources and other publications; and
  • Rewards and promotes outstanding work in the field of service-learning and civic engagement.

Benefits for Students

  • Experiential Education
    Students receive real world and hands-on experience in their fields of study, making content relevant and memorable.
  • Workforce Development
    Students learn to navigate their chosen professions in interaction with others while gaining marketable skills and contributing to economic growth.
  • Increased Retention & Graduation
    Studies confirm that student engagement through service improves retention, reduces time to graduation, and aides successful career selection.

How To Join

  1. College and University Presidents are the official members of Florida Campus Compact. Presidents begin the process by sending a letter expressing interest in joining.
  2. Provide two additional points of contact, one from Student Affairs and one from Academic Affairs including names and complete contact information.
  3. Upon receipt of invoice, send membership dues according to the established dues structure (see chart below).
  4. Annually complete the Campus Compact Membership Survey.
  5. Keep all contact information current with the Florida Campus Compact office.

Download a printer-friendly version of a Sample Letter of Interest.

Upon receipt of the president's letter, FL|CC invoices the institution for a modest annual membership fee that is based on the undergraduate enrollment of the institution reported in IPEDS Data and calculated based on the following:

Total Undergraduate Enrollment
(Based on IPEDS Data)
National Campus Compact FL|CC Total Dues
0-3000 $338.00 $180.00 $518.00
3001-7000 $630.00 $405.00 $1,035.00
7,001-13,000 $928.00 $675.00 $1,603.00
13,001-20,000 $1,221.00 $970.00 $2,191.00
20,001-30,000 $1,519.00 $1,270.00 $2,789.00
30,001-40,000 $2,053.00 $1,270.00 $3,323.00
40,000+ $2,651.00 $1,270.00 $3,921.00