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FL|CC is comprised of over 50 college and university presidents who are committed to helping students become career ready, civic minded graduates who have developed the values and skills of active citizenship through experiential learning.

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Course-builders & Tool-kits
We’ve gathered together time-saving resources for building academic engagement and community-based work into your courses. Please share your favorite tools with forum members by uploading them here.

Rubrics, Assessments & Surveys
Measuring Community Engagement can be a challenge. Here are resources for assessing student outcomes, course and project effectiveness, and institutional engagement efforts.

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Engineering and Physical Therapy Students Develop Adaptive Toys For Children With Disabilities

All students actively participate in experiential learning, graduating on time with civic and career-ready skills. All colleges and universities are engaged with their local communities, working together to educate citizens, solve problems, and build a strong economy.
Florida Campus Compact galvanizes the intellectual resources of more than 50 institutions of higher education in Florida, by advancing high-impact practices that enhance student learning and benefit local communities in our state.
· To enrich the quality of curricular and co-curricular academic instruction through high impact practices that offer practical and hands-on collegiate learning experiences.
· To support local communities in Florida through symbiotic collaboration and research that helps our cities and counties meet their goals.
· To inspire leadership, philanthropy, conscientious citizenship, critical thinking and civil discourse in the next generation of our participatory democracy.
· To contribute to the development of a better prepared more knowledgeable workforce through experience (including college access and success initiatives to support the K-20 to career pipeline).