Career Opportunity: Associate Director of New Jersey Campus Compact VISTA Project

Position Announcement

Title: Associate Director of New Jersey Campus Compact VISTA Project
Project: NJ Statewide Collective Impact VISTA Project
Start Date: Position begins as soon as it is filled.
Supervisor: Dr. Saul Petersen, New Jersey Campus Compact (NJCC) Executive Director
Location: VISTA Project Hub, ℅ Bonner Foundation, 10 Mercer Street, Princeton NJ, 08540

Mission: New Jersey Campus Compact is a president’s higher education coalition that promotes
community prosperity through purposeful civic and community engagement. We envision colleges and universities as vital agents and architects of a diverse democracy, committed to educating students for responsible citizenship in ways that both deepen their education and improve the quality of community life.

To apply: Please email cover letter, resume, 3 names of references to
with VISTA Associate Director in the subject line. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

Compensation: $40,000 – $44,000, depending upon qualifications and experience with a competitive
benefits package including healthcare, dental, retirement, short term disability, and vacation package.

Conditions: Full-time annual renewable contract, grant-funded position with full benefits processed through NJ Campus Compact host institution, New Jersey City University (NJCU). Compliance with NJCU’s application requirements. This position requires travel in state. Valid driver’s license required. Out of state applicants, if chosen must obtain a New Jersey driver’s license within 3 months.

Education: Bachelor degree required, Masters level degree preferred, with 2-4 years of related public
service experience required. Familiarity with grant reporting and the AmeriCorps VISTA program preferred and reporting requirements.
Supervision: Employees receive general supervision from the NJ Campus Compact Executive Director
who reviews the work through daily informal personal contact and/or weekly or monthly meetings and conferences. Additional supervision is provided by lead staff at the Bonner Foundation in their capacity of project partner. The Foundation also serves as the hub for the VISTA Project where the Associate Director and VISTA Leaders are located. Work is also reviewed through electronic narrative reports and observation of program documents to determine effectiveness and conformance to agency/program procedures. Employees use agency policies and procedures, State and Federal rules and regulations, and program procedural manuals as guidelines in providing program services and dealing with the public.

Relationships: Employees have regular contact with the public, in person, via email, and by telephone,
to promote awareness of and interest in the AmeriCorps VISTA project. Employee will have occasional contact in person, via email, and by telephone with members of the media or legislature to promote awareness of a program, project, or event.


● Prior service as a VISTA and VISTA Leader serving in a higher education environment preferred;
● Ability to support and train partners across racial, cultural, class, and gender differences;
● Experience with AmeriCorps VISTA or national service programs is desired;
● Knowledge and/or experience with higher education/community partnerships;
● Program coordination and management;
● Event planning, training, media/public relations;
● Excellent organizational and communication skills;
● Experience supervising staff and leading teams;
● Strong writing, evaluation and assessment skills;
● Strong familiarity with software such as Basecamp, Microsoft Office, SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, Google Apps
● Valid Driver’s License required.

Corporation for National Community Service: Reporting, Compliance, & Program Evaluation (20%)
● Primary liaison between all VISTA service sites, supervisors, members, and the State VISTA Office;
● Ensures all VISTA policies, regulations, and guidelines for VISTA member recruitment, selection, retention, progress reporting, pay cycles, background checks and fingerprinting, eGrants administration, MoA development, VISTA workplace environment, VISTA supervision, VISTA activities, VISTA part-time work/part-time education, NJCC VISTA Program records, and VISTA benefits are met;
● Develops and implements online record keeping systems for the above areas, trains and manages VISTA Leaders on their use;
● Develops the monthly, quarterly, and end of year progress report parameters and process with support from the VISTA Leaders;
● Synthesizes data and narratives for reporting to the Corporation and ensures that VISTA project data is accurate, secure, and can be utilized by NJCC for public relations purposes;
● Analyzes program data and implements changes to ensure continuous improvement;
● Develop and implement required pre and post organizational capacity survey for all VISTA projects.

VISTA Grant Continuation Support for New & Existing NJCC VISTA Projects (15%)
● Serves as the intermediary between VISTA project partners and the State VISTA Office for all VISTA Grant Continuation efforts;
● Establishes and implements the process for project partners to develop new and/or continuing VISTA projects, ensuring projects have a three-year trajectory;
● Develops project plans, performance measures, and implements pre and posttests with project partners in preparation for new and continuing projects;
● Develops and implements a comprehensive VISTA supervisor orientation and training, including guides and other training materials;
● Provides on-site orientations to VISTA service sites as needed;
● Provides technical assistance to VISTA supervisors and project partners throughout the VISTA project planning and development process.

Ongoing VISTA Project Management & VISTA Supervisor Support (10%)
● Manages nineteen VISTA projects related to the NJ Statewide Collective Impact VISTA Project;
● Serves as the intermediary between VISTA supervisors and the VISTA State Office;
● Ensures VISTA supervisors and service sites are aware of VISTA processes and expectations;
● Provides on-going coaching, supervision, and feedback to VISTA supervisors and partners;
● Ensures projects meet the performance measures and targets promised to the Corporation;
● Works with the VISTA sites to adjust or troubleshoot project plans to ensure they are feasible and do not jeopardize the VISTA grant.
● Conducts VISTA service site visits throughout the year to ensure sites comply with VISTA regulations and are adequately supporting their VISTAs.

VISTA Leader Management (10%)
● Manages two VISTA Leaders;
● Trains the VISTA Leader to support VISTA candidates throughout the member recruitment and placement process; in helping VISTA members navigate VISTA terms, conditions, and benefits; in developing days of service and VISTA trainings; in developing the NJCC VISTA’s social media and e-newsletter; and in aggregating and analyzing all NJCC VISTA Program data for reporting and promotional purposes.

VISTA Training Curriculum & Professional Development (10%)
● Creates a year-long training curriculum for VISTA members, including VISTA Orientation and monthly training modules;
● Collaborates with VISTA supervisors, VISTA Leaders, NJCC members, and other NJ-based anti-poverty organizations to develop meaningful VISTA training and enrichment opportunities;
● Develops relationships with other AmeriCorps programs and anti-poverty organizations to identify and deliver VISTA training and development opportunities.
● Directs the VISTA Leaders to identify and assemble at least nine VISTA Members trainings and professional development opportunities, and two national days of service, including all logistics;
● Conducts VISTA training needs assessments with support from the VISTA Leaders;

Public Relations & Internal Communications (10%)
● Attends meetings, conferences, workshops, and networking events to increase awareness and understanding of the NJCC VISTA Program and its functions;
● Gives public presentations through local media, fairs, shows, information booths, classroom presentations, and community organizations to increase awareness of program;
● Responds to questions from members and constituents regarding the program;
● With the VISTA Leaders’ support, coordinates alumni efforts for the NJ Statewide Collective Impact VISTA program;
● Maintains relationship with the Bonner Foundation to secure funding from the Social Innovation Fund;
● Coordinates the VISTA Leaders in developing public relations content including social media, e-newsletters, NJCC VISTA website development, and other knowledge and promotional content.
● Maintains, and expands when possible, relationships with higher education faculty and staff to ensure that NJCC VISTA projects are well vetted, evidence-based, community-driven, and robust;
● Ensures that existing, new, and potential NJCC VISTA project partners and supporters are aware of the progress, direction, and opportunities associated with the NJCC VISTA Program.

VISTA Member Recruitment & Ongoing Support (10%)
● Develops a statewide, higher education focused, VISTA recruitment campaign;
● Guides VISTA supervisors and partners through the VISTA recruitment and placement process;
● Serves as the intermediary between VISTAs and the State VISTA office to resolve terms, conditions, and benefits issues as they arise;
● Serves as the intermediary between VISTA site supervisors and VISTAs as needed to resolve VISTA terms, conditions, and benefits;
● Meets with each VISTA supervisor and member as needed to offer direct support;
● Ensures a culturally competent, diverse, and inclusive environment for all VISTA members, VISTA supervisors, VISTA service sites, and within all NJCC VISTA communications and events;
● Increases focus on assessing and deepening NJCC VISTA’s knowledge base, sustainable programmatic contributions, and also on VISTAs ability to contribute to campus engagement efforts;
● Develops a capstone event for VISTA members to demonstrate their year of service which potentially can lead to informational interviews while promoting NJCC.

Maintaining and expanding strategic partnerships for midlevel personnel (5%)
● Maintains a portfolio of higher education faculty and staff, notable antipoverty networks and organizations, and other AmeriCorps programs to help expand Campus Compact’s depth of VISTA partners. The portfolio can serve dual purposes: 1) to secure experts to augment our VISTA trainings, and 2) outreach can be targeted to entities and individuals who can potentially be allies for NJCC overall beyond VISTA;
● Support the director as needed in building a statewide network of supports, including peer learning opportunities, systems for expanding higher education’s role in collaboratives, and exploring opportunities for policy research that impacts the work of the collaboratives

Budgeting & Fiscal Assistance (5%)
● Assist with VISTA support grant from the Corporation for National & Community Service including assisting the Executive Director in developing program budgets and budget amendments;
● Serves as needed to track NJCC VISTA finances — cost shares, expenditures, support grant from the Social Innovation Fund, support from the Office of the Attorney General;
● Serves as needed to processes payments, reimbursements, and financial reports;
● Serves as needed regarding FFR and eGrants financial reports to ensure timely completion and submission to the Corporation and Payment Management Systems;
● Supports the Director and Financial Administrator in navigating invoices, payments, and reimbursements regarding the Office of the Attorney General, the Bonner Foundation, Corporation for National Community Service, VISTA project sites, and other funders.

Other (5%)
● Contributes to NJCC special initiatives and events as needed, such as Theories of Change support with the Municipal Planning Boards, The Eastern Region Campus Compact Conference;
● Sets out a plan to create efficiencies within the project enabling Leaders and part time interns of contractors to undertake more responsibilities in year 3. This is in anticipation of a potential adding of the role of managing the NJ Commission-funded project involving 10 community engagement coordinators
● Assists the NJCC Development team for NJCC’s organizational growth and sustainability;
● Contribute to public policy impacting inclusive access to quality and affordable education.

To Apply:
● Please email cover letter, resume, 3 names of references to, with VISTA Associate Director in the subject line. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.