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Consulting Corps

Florida Campus Compact's Consulting Corps members have graciously agreed to serve as consultants. They will be available, as their schedule allows, to effectively providing training and technical assistance. Florida Campus Compact receives no payment from Consulting Corps members or clients. After identifying potential consultants, please contact Florida Campus Compact at info@floridacompact.org.

For a complete listing of National Campus Compact Consulting Corp member, please visit http://www.compact.org/initiatives/consulting-corps/.

Florida Campus Compact Consulting Corps - Dr. Melody Bowdon

Dr. Melody Bowdon

Melody Bowdon is Associate Professor of English at the University of Central Florida. She coordinates the Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing and the MA program in Rhetoric and Composition. Dr. Bowdon is an active researcher in the field of service-learning and is co-author of Service-Learning in Technical and Professional Communication.

Florida Campus Compact Consulting Corps - Ossie Hanauer

Ossie Hanauer

Ossie has trained faculty, students, administrators, and community partners in this pedagogy. Ossie has served as a consultant in the area of service-learning and civic engagement, and has facilitated service-learning workshops, including the We the People Project Citizen program in Washington, D.C., Campus Compact National Center for Community Colleges Conference, American Association of Community Colleges Annual Convention, and the Ninth Annual Florida Campus Compact Service-Learning Institute.

Florida Campus Compact Consulting Corps - Micki Meyer

Micki Meyer

Micki collaborates with faculty across disciplines and passions in providing students the opportunity to serve and create change in the community through service-learning and engagement. Micki also works extensively with students in helping them to identify their passion in creating positive change in our local and global communities.

Florida Campus Compact Consulting Corps - Lora Reed

Lora Reed

Lora continues to work on service learning projects with stakeholders in student and workforce development. She teaches several Organizational Studies courses in the Program for Experienced Learners at Eckerd College. She also teaches General Sociology at Manatee Community College. All of the courses Lora teaches include service-learning components.

Florida Campus Compact Consulting Corps - Dr. Trae Stewart

Dr. Trae Stewart

Dr. Stewart's interests and expertise in service-learning include: teacher education, program/policy evaluation, social capital development, adolescent identity development, social justice, and multicultural/international education. Dr. Stewart works primarily in qualitative and ethnographic methodologies.

Florida Campus Compact Consulting Corps - Josh Young

Josh Young

Josh has been with Miami Dade College since 1994 and served as a national service-learning mentor with the American Association of Community Colleges. He has extensive experience leading workshops for faculty, students, community partners, and administrators.

Emerging Scholars

In an ongoing effort to provide professional development and training for campus leaders across the state, Florida Campus Compact (FL|CC) invites Service-Learning/Civic Engagement/Community Service Directors (CSDs), Coordinators, and Faculty to apply for the 2012-2013 Emerging Scholars Program. This yearlong program will provide an opportunity for participants to develop their interests in service-learning while working with experts in the field as they continue to build and develop high quality service-learning/civic engagement programs.

Emerging Scholars will be expected to:
  • Participate in service-learning workshops and seminars
  • Strengthen networks with colleagues and campuses throughout the state of Florida
  • Produce resources for the field and receive feedback
  • Develop and promote sustainable programs
In the course of the year, scholars will share their accomplishments and seek advice on their challenges through conference calls and face-to-face meetings with FL|CC staff members, other program participants, and service-learning experts. Each scholar will develop and submit a project portfolio, which will include personal reflections on the value of this program, best practices, and research related to the programs or projects they create or improve.

Upon completion, participants may apply for the "FL|CC Certified Scholars Program" for further professional development and training in the field of service-learning.

Certified Scholars

In an effort to develop a corps of regional presenters and consultants who can promote best practices in service-learning and community engagement across the state of Florida, Florida Campus Compact (FL|CC) invites faculty and staff members who are well acquainted with service-learning to apply for the 2012-2013 Class of Certified Scholars. This structured certification program produces effective presenters and consultants to support FL|CC campuses and create inter-campus collaboration through trainings and workshops.

The FL|CC Certified Scholar Program consists of three sequential phases:
  • Participants will take part in workshops hosted by FL|CC highlighting various strategies for successfully hosting trainings, workshops, and presentations. All participants will create a peer reviewed presentation on a selected service-learning subject. Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to submit outlines, research, and any other corresponding work to experts in the field for suggestions and feedback.
  • Participants will be expected to offer their preapproved presentation to at least one member campus in the state during the program year. After revisions and peer evaluation, each scholar will be certified as an official service-learning consultant.
  • Upon completion of this program, Certified Scholars will maintain a close relationship with FL|CC, giving trainings/workshops/presentations, providing consultative services, and representing FL|CC in various capacities in order to expand the impact of our work statewide.

Engaged Scholarship Fellows

Florida Campus Compact invites research proposals from engaged scholars at our member campuses through this fellows program as part of an ongoing effort to improve the theory and practice informing collegiate service-learning and community engagement in the state of Florida. Researchers from all disciplines are invited to apply.

Up to five Florida scholars will be chosen by a panel of qualified reviewers to receive this distinction. Fellows will be part of an active community of scholars who will meet quarterly (either virtually or in person) to discuss strategies for research design and dissemination.

At least three of the five scholars selected annually will be tenure-earning. Projects focusing on community impacts of collegiate service-learning and community engagement will be favored.

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