Employment Opportunity ~ Florida Campus Compact

FLORIDA CAMPUS COMPACT (FL|CC) is now recruiting for a Director of Academic Engagement. The successful applicant will be responsible for advancing the expertise and productivity of Florida’s higher education academic leaders (CAOs, deans, department chairs and faculty) in the field of community-engaged scholarship (CES) by facilitating strategic state-wide dialogues and data collection that inform a new action agenda leading to measurable improvements and outcomes for Florida, achieved through higher quality knowledge engagement between the academic institutions and their communities. Prospective applicants should carefully review the position description and our website to become familiar with the organizational vision, mission, goals and objectives. Qualified/serious applicants may submit a curriculum vitae to info@floridacompact.org. HOWEVER, all applicants must fully complete Florida State University’s on-line application in order to be considered.

Employer: Employment with FL|CC is generously provided and fully supported by Florida State University
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Compensation: Mid to Upper $40’s plus benefits
On-line Application Deadline through FSU: July 12, 2017. As needed, the online application deadline may be extended as the position will remain open until filled
To apply, please visit www.jobs.fsu.edu and then search for Asst Dir, Academic Engagement (Job ID 41821)