Call for 2016 IARSLCE Conference Program Chair


Call for 2016 Conference Program Chair

Individuals committed to research on service-learning and community engagement are encouraged to submit proposals to serve as PROGRAM CHAIR(S) for the 2016 Annual Conference of the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE or “the Association”), which will be hosted by IARSLCE in its home base of New Orleans, LA, September 26-28, 2016.

The mission of the IARSLCE is to support research on service-learning and community engagement.  The Association conference serves as a vehicle for disseminating new knowledge, rewarding excellence in research, and facilitating communication among scholars.  Researchers present findings from quantitative and qualitative research, share ideas derived from their work, and hear presentations by influential leaders in the field.  The conference does not feature presentations of program descriptions or evaluation reports.  However, practitioners and community partners are encouraged to attend the conference to participate in presentations of research on which they have collaborated and to gather useful empirical information that can be used to shape program development and practice.

The role of the program chair is 1) to help develop the conference theme, 2) establish conference tracks, and 3) facilitate the conference proposal process in conjunction with the IARSLCE Conference Committee and the Association’s mission and priorities. The program chair oversees the work of section chairs and reviewers, makes the final decision on proposals, and develops the conference program.  The chair(s) should be able to provide substantial leadership and coordination of the conference, dedicating time to its organization and development with the administrative director of the Association.  They should be members of IARSLCE and should have attended at least two previous conferences to have gained insight as to structure, program, and audience.  They should have relevant research experience in service-learning and/or community engagement. They should have some prior experience hosting professional conferences or workshops.  The Conference Committee will carefully consider the research and educational background and experience of the individuals proposed for Chair(s).

It is crucial that potential conference hosts review the 2014 Reaffirmation Statement adopted by the IARSLCE Board of Directors, which will clarify the IARSLCE’s principles and implications for the association’s activities. The Reaffirmation Statement frames the Association’s current approach to research.

The conference is an annual event that began in 2001.  Past conferences have been held in Berkeley, CA (2001), Nashville, TN (2002), Salt Lake City, UT (2003), Greenville, SC (2004), East Lansing, MI (2005), Portland, OR (2006), Tampa, FL (2007), New Orleans, LA (2008), Ottawa, Ontario (2009), Indianapolis, IN (2010), Chicago (2011), Baltimore (2012), Omaha (2013), New Orleans (2014), and the 2015 conference will be held in Boston.

Conference attendees are higher education faculty, graduate students, academic administrators, practitioners, P-12 educators, and community partners working with educators. The participants are primarily US-based, but, beginning with the 2006 conference, international participation was expanded to include registrants from Australia, Canada, China, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan, the UK, and other nations.  Anticipated attendance is 400-500 people.

The conference theme, tracks, and proposal process will be determined AFTER the host is chosen. These details of the conference will be determined in consultation with the IARSLCE Conference Committee as representatives of the IARSLCE Board of Directors.

Proposals should include:

  1. A section addressing the research and educational background and experience of the individuals proposed for chair(s).
  2. A section addressing the rationale as to why the individuals proposed as chair(s) should be selected
  3. Copies of the CVs of the individuals proposed for chair(s)

PROPOSALS ARE DUE BY 5:00 P.M. CENTRAL TIME, MONDAY, October 5, 2015. The IARSLCE Conference Oversight Committee will review and rank each proposal and make a recommendation to the Association Board for final approval.

Proposals must be submitted via e-mail to Tara Luparello at You may also direct any questions to Tara Luparello.