FL|CC’s AmeriCorps VISTAs: Making a Difference For Earth Day!

Florida Campus Compact’s AmeriCorps VISTAs are making a difference every day! Here’s just one great example from Shernee Bellamy, FL|CC AmeriCorps VISTA at Barry University:


Barry University Earth Day Celebration: Take a Stance on the Green – April 18th

~ by Shernee Bellamy, FL|CC AmeriCorps VISTA, Barry University

The 7th annual Earth Day celebration “Take a Stance on the Green” focused on a call to action related to environmental sustainability. The AmeriCorps VISTA took the lead on the planning of the educational portion of the day. The thought behind the theme was due to the observation that many sustainability initiatives practiced on campus were not being shared or talked about with members of the University community. Take a Stance on the Green gave Faculty, Staff, and Students a platform to share and talk about sustainable initiatives that were important to them and that needed to be voiced. Topics ranged from Pythons in the Everglades to Food Justice in America, with visuals, a powerful message, and solutions offered to these issues. The audience was able to stand with them on these topics by pledging to be mindful at The Stances table and then received an I Pledged Sticker. The Stances took place at The Main Stage surrounded by an array of tented booths that housed retail vendors, student clubs and organizations, outside organizations, Barry Departments, games and crafts. There were food trucks as well and after visiting at least 6 booths, participants were able to take their passport to the end table and receive a ticket for one of the three food options. Overall, the OME received great feedback about the event and the new addition of the call to action format. Several debriefing meetings will be held over the next few months and academic engagement will be expanded next year.

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