Arden Baxter ~ 2016 Newman Civic Fellow, Rollins College



Over the next few weeks, Florida Campus Compact will be highlighting each of the 19 Florida students named as 2016 Newman Civic Fellows. Nominated by their college or university presidents, the Newman Civic Fellows are the next generation of public problem solvers and civic leaders. They have demonstrated an investment in finding solutions for challenges facing communities and creating lasting change. Congratulations to all of these outstanding students!

Today, we’d like to recognize:

Arden Baxter, Rollins College

“Arden Baxter, a second-year student at Rollins College, has already made her mark in our campus community. In her roles as events coordinator and immersion facilitator of Rollins Relief, our campus organization dedicated to providing disaster relief, she has engaged our students in service in our local community and beyond. Described by the professional staff in our Center for Leadership and Community Engagement as a true servant leader-preferring to work behind the scenes to assure that everyone can focus on the important labor that needs to be done, Arden’s approach is one of progressive action, building experience on experience, each informing and fueling the next. Her own international engagements have expanded her scope to make Arden an exemplar of the fulfillment of our mission to educate students for global citizenship and responsible leadership.”

Dr. Grant H. Cornwell
Rollins College

“Community involvement is important to me; it is a part of who I am and what I want to be. It is what drew me to Rollins College, where in my first year I was able to join the Executive Board of Rollins Relief; an organization founded after Hurricane Katrina and focused on providing aid for those affected by natural and man-made disasters. Through my position as the Events Coordinator, I had the opportunity to lead daylong service trips to Mustard Seed, a local furniture bank. With each visit, a sense of purpose grew within me. Over the past year, I also served as the Rollins Relief Immersion Facilitator, planning and leading a week-long service immersion with 12 other members of the Rollins community to New Orleans to study the socioeconomic impact of disasters and work with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild areas that have been abandoned. Each and every experience I have sparks a new interest in my commitment to change the world. People are the importance of life and I hope to ignite this realization in others. This is why service is a part of me, and this is why I will never stop working.”

Arden Baxter
Mathematics/Computer Science: Class of 2018