Florida Campus Compact galvanizes the intellectual resources of more than 50 institutions of higher education by advancing high-impact transformational engagement practices to benefit students and communities for Florida's future.


All students actively participate in community-based learning and/or civic engagement experiences, graduating with civic and career-ready skills, and a determination to improve the quality of community life.

All colleges and universities are fully engaged with their communities, working together to educate citizens, solve problems, and build a strong economy.


  • To enrich the quality of curricular and co-curricular academic instruction through high impact practices that offer broader, more engaged, collegiate learning experiences.
  • To support communities in Florida through symbiotic campus-community collaboration and research.
  • To inspire leadership, philanthropy, conscientious citizenship, critical thinking and civil discourse in the next generation of our diverse participatory democracy.
  • To contribute to the development of a better prepared more knowledgeable workforce through engaged scholarship (including college access and success initiatives to support the K-20 to career pipeline).

Member Benefits

Consultative and Professional Development Services

  1. Improve the quality and impact of engaged teaching, learning, service, and research.
  2. Increase the skills and abilities of Community Service/Service-Learning Directors, faculty, students, administrators, and community partners.

Public Communication (Data, Networking, Mass Communication)

  1. Provide opportunities and venues for campuses to disseminate model programs, exchange ideas, and recognize best practices.
  2. Disseminate online and print materials such as curricula, media kits, brochures, and monthly newsletters to internal and external stakeholders.