MLK Day Project Idea from Outreach Project


Looking for an MLK Day Project for your campus? Outreach Program would like to help:

­­­­­“Make MLK Day a special day for your school with an Outreach Program Super Mini-Pack. Outreach Program will help you engage your volunteers in a festive event which provides them the joy of helping provide meals to students on your campus, kids in your schools, and families in  your community. This fits perfectly with the MLK Day Mini-Grants being offer through our friends the Iowa Campus Compact (Outreach is based in Iowa)!

This Public Relations opportunity is the perfect way to highlight your Campus Compact Program through local media (radio, television, newspaper) and social media.

Outreach will train a Food Safe certified person to oversee the packaging and you뭨e ready to have fun and make a difference!

$2,000 includes:

    – All needed equipment and supplies for one packaging line

    – Training Video

    – Food Safe Certification Training

    – Hunger Education Event Guidance and materials

    – Ingredients for 4,000 to 6,000  nutritious *Mac & Cheese meals (dependent on shipping charges to your location)

 Check out How It Works on our website!”